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A Seat At The Runway

Guests excited to witness the fashion showcase presented by designer Tygerian Burke.

"A Seat At The Runway," the inaugural fashion event by Socialite Charlotte, marked a dazzling beginning to what promises to be a highly influential series in the realms of fashion, community, and philanthropy. Held in the vibrant heart of the Queen City, the evening was not just a celebration of style but also a powerful platform for honoring commendable community service.

The event saw Rose Brown, the newly crowned Miss Piedmont of NC, not only grace the event with her presence but also present the first Socialite Humanitarian Award. The award rightly recognized Habitat for Humanity Charlotte for their exceptional contributions to housing and community development. This moment was a heartfelt highlight of the evening, seamlessly aligning with Socialite Charlotte’s mission of dedication to community and excellence.

The fashion showcase itself, led by designer Tygerian Burke, was nothing short of spectacular. Burke introduced a "star-stuffed" collection that truly captured the imagination of all present. Her designs, characterized by innovation and elegance, provided a breathtaking visual narrative that was both contemporary and deeply resonant with the audience’s fashion-forward expectations.

Hosted by Ryan Jor El, with Level21 managing the red carpet, the event was orchestrated flawlessly. The hosts brought charisma and a smooth flow to the evening, ensuring that the event was not only entertaining but also inclusive, fostering a sense of camaraderie among Charlotte's socialites.

A heartfelt thank you must also go to the sponsors, including Brahmin of Southpark and Peter Thomas of Bar One. Their support was instrumental in the night’s success, providing not just funding but also a commitment to the vision of Socialite Charlotte. Their staff's excellent service further ensured that the event was a standout success.

Looking forward, "A Seat At The Runway" has set a high bar for Socialite Charlotte, and if this launch is anything to go by, the future events will continue to blend fashion, philanthropy, and community engagement in the most inspiring of ways. The Queen City can eagerly anticipate what’s next, as Socialite Charlotte continues to create spaces for recognition, celebration, and significant societal contribution.

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