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Socialite Charlotte Magazine will be premiering this Fall in physical copies distributed throughout Charlotte and some locations throughout the Carolina's. Please email for ad inquiries or to submit a story about Peace and Love. We are so grateful that Carolina's own Anthony Hamilton has graced the cover for this exclusive three- part presentation. We will also host a star-studded magazine launch party where advertisers will receive two complimentary V.I.P tickets to attend. 


Local Musicians Submit Your Music:

 We believe that Charlotte is such a hidden gem of musical talents waiting to be discovered by the world and this issue will only enhance those opportunities of discovery. ALL genres, solo acts or bands, are welcome to submit one record for free. up to two records for consideration, including a submission fee of $50.00. Please understand, due to the high volume of submissions, the submission fee

simply guarantees that we review artists willing to invest in their careers which is the first step to marketing.

Magazine Cover 1.jpg

Top 2o Realtors "Become A QC Guide"

Are you a full-time active realtor that knows Charlotte in and out? Here's your grand opportunity to advertise your skills and expertise to our audience. Socialite Charlotte the magazine is lifestyle oriented but more so a resource guide for our Socialites to know who to contact  or connect with for all of their lifestyle needs. In honor of our "A Guide To The Queen City" Segment accompanying it will be some top tier featured realtors. Take advantage of our same day pay special.


Recording Studio Ad Special:

We are now accepting advertisement inquiries from recording studios in Charlote and throughout the Carolina's. This special edition dedicated to music and musicians is the perfect opportunity for studios to speak to their target audience. Find out if you're eligible to receive consideration for the "Studio for every budget" segment where we talk about price ranges, studio details, and what you'd like our audience to know about your studio including it's history. This is still considered an ad and costs will incur.

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