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Inaugural Annual Queen Charlotte's Ball

Caren Wingate and David Cooke all smiles on the red carpet honoring Queen Charlotte.

The inaugural Queen Charlotte Ball by Socialite Charlotte made a resplendent debut, paying a rich tribute to its namesake, Sophia Charlotte, the African and Portuguese queen whose historical significance is often celebrated in the Queen City. The event encapsulated the essence of Queen Charlotte’s legacy in arts, science, education, and community, bringing a fresh yet profound sense of cultural awareness and appreciation to the forefront.

Hosted at the Galleries of Eight Eleven by founder Levisha Johnson, the venue was an impeccable choice, with its mid-century design providing an elegant and inviting backdrop that perfectly complemented the evening’s refined aesthetic. The ambiance was enriched with tasteful artwork, delicate champagne from Rosie’s Wine Garden, and exquisite charcuterie, setting a luxurious yet relaxed tone that welcomed guests into a night of cultural celebration and philanthropic recognition.

Highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the crowning of the designated Queen Charlotte of the evening, Honeh, who embodied the grace and advocacy spirit of Queen Charlotte. The event also recognized the commendable humanitarian efforts of Monique Douglas from the Grooming Greatness Foundation, and Shawn and Daniel Hemby of Light + Song, whose contributions to the community were celebrated with the Socialite Humanitarian awards. These awards underscored the event’s commitment to not only honor a historical figure but also to acknowledge those who continue her legacy in modern ways.

Each element of the evening was thoughtfully curated to ensure that guests not only enjoyed themselves but also felt connected to the deeper historical and community-focused themes. The appreciation expressed by the attendees and the gratitude extended towards them by the organizers helped forge a night of memorable interactions and shared respect for the causes championed.

As Socialite Charlotte's Queen Charlotte Ball continues to grow, it promises to be a cornerstone event in Charlotte’s social calendar, fostering a greater sense of community and continued advocacy for arts and education, inspired by Queen Charlotte herself. This event sets a high standard for cultural elegance and philanthropic purpose, eagerly anticipated in its future iterations.

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