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2nd Annual Queen Charlotte's Ball

Fashion designers, David Vashon and Lesa Patte, wave to the crowd after showcasing their collections.

The 2nd annual Queen Charlotte Ball, held at the vibrant Bazal Gallery and Lounge within the NC Music Factory, was an event of regal proportions, beautifully intertwining the worlds of fashion, art, and philanthropy. This year's edition was particularly memorable, not only for its opulent setting but also for the commendable socialite humanitarian honorees: Meredith Dolhare Elliott of Running Works, Catherine Breton of the Hope for Harvest Foundation, and Deborah McPhatter from the NC Music Hall of Fame. Their contributions to society were aptly highlighted by their honorary presenters, adding a personal touch to the accolades.

The event's elegance was further enhanced by the Soirée Runway, which showcased an array of captivating designs from notable designers such as Lesa Patte, David Vashon, Berhan Nebioglu, and Colony Boutique. Each collection brought its own flavor, enriching the night with a diverse tapestry of style and creativity that left the audience in awe.

Adding to the allure was the Queen Charlotte's Live Art Exhibit, orchestrated by the talented Bethiel Tesfy and Zach Blayloch. This segment was not only a tribute to the aesthetic sensibilities of the attendees but also a nod to the vibrant local arts scene, making art both accessible and engaging. The exhibition was crowned by striking portraits of Queen Charlotte by artist Cristy Steffy, which were a favorite among guests, providing a unique artistic interpretation of the historical figure after whom the ball is named.

Hosts Danelle McCullough and Ollie Crooms brought warmth and charisma to the evening, ensuring that the night flowed seamlessly and that every guest felt welcome and valued. Their efforts, along with the support from Henderson Ventures and the stylish touch of IamZiyah Productions in the recap video, truly made the evening a resounding success.

As guests departed, the consensus was clear: the Queen Charlotte Ball is not just an event; it's a showcase of community, creativity, and compassion. The anticipation for next year's ball is already building, promising to be another enchanting evening.

Special Thank You Goes To Our Model/Runway Coordinator Berhan Nebioglu, our Red-Carpet Host Brayden and all our royal court and soirée runway models.

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